24h-W S eMotorsport GT4-2


Motorsport is in the blood and at the heart of everyone at W&S Motorsport - we live it! Sim racing has become increasingly popular over the past few years and is an indispensable training tool in the days between races and during the winter break.

How sim racing merged with real motorsport to create W&S eMotorsport!

As the start of the 2020 NLS season was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, and the following races were also cancelled shortly afterwards, the team did not let the "race-free time" go to waste and began planning the founding of W&S e-Motorsport under the direction of Dominic Harnischfeger, Car-Chief at the race track at W&S Motorsport.

The first virtual activity entered was a Cayman GT4 in the first season of the freshly proclaimed DNLS. Due to the complexity of simracing, it was decided to cooperate with the simracing team H2-Performance around Jens Hartrampf already in the planning for the second DNLS season. Their team, which has been in existence since 2018 and specialises in the "virtual" Cup Porsche 991, was already able to boast P3 in Cup2 in the first DNLS season, as well as many other successes on the Nordschleife and in the Porsche Cup, and so for the second season, in addition to the already registered H2-Performance 991, another Porsche was provided in Cup2 in the eye-catching W&S Motorsport design. Over the course of the season, it quickly became apparent on both sides that the chemistry was right and the amount of common denominators called for more. The DNLS season was contested together and very successfully with P2 and P4 in Cup2 and already in May 2021 the decision followed to merge both teams into W&S e-Motorsport under the management of Jens Hartrampf.


Our activities

Like our real team, we mainly drive Porsche cars in the Cup, GT4 and GT3 classes in iracing.

On our home track, the Nürburgring Nordschleife, we regularly compete in the DNLS and SRC-NoS Wednesday Series on the Porsche 992 GT3 Cup and Cayman 718 GT4.

Furthermore, our cars are represented in several one-make cups such as the Porsche Cup as well as in the great endurance classics at the Nürburgring, Spa, Daytona or Bathurst, for example.


You can find our latest activities and results on our social media channels:



W&S eMotorsport - active driver squad

  • Thomas Asmussen
  • Philipp Höver
  • Stefan Wernstedt
  • Joachim Eggert
  • Garvin Kruthof
  • Thomas Wurm
  • Jens Hartrampf

Our preferred cars

Porsche 991 GT3R

photo_n00402_s1 167 [smooth=1.0] 1920x1080

Porsche Cayman 718 GT4

photo_n00475_s1 500 [smooth=1.0] 1920x1080

Porsche 992 GT3 Cup

photo_n00428_s1 83 [smooth=1.5] 1920x1080

Our successes

Winner Cup2 24h Nürburgring vVLN 2020

Champion Cup2 vVLN 2020

2nd place (P8 overall) Cup class iracing 24h Nürburgring 2021 (Topsplit)

3rd place Cup2 DNLS 2020 S1

2nd & 4th place Cup2 DNLS 2021S2

4th place SP10 DNLS 2021 S3

Winner Cup Class SRC-Nos Wednesday Series 2021 S1

2nd place GT4 m4em Nürburgring 12h 2022

2nd & 3rd place ERC Porsche Cup 2021 S1

5th place VRPC VIII Porsche Cup 2020

2nd place GT4 Split10 Daytona Roar before 24h 2022

4th place DGTL GT3 2021 S1

2nd & 3rd place SRC Nos Wednesday Series 2022 S2

Champion Cup class SRC Nos Wednesday Series 2022 S3 

Champion & runner-up GT4 class SRC Nos Wednesday Series 2022 S3

Become a part of W&S e-Motorsport?

Gesamtstrecke VLN-W S eMotorsport GT4-21

You want to become part of W&S e-Motorsport? What requirements should you bring with you?

You should have an irating of at least 2.5k and at least a B licence. Your heart should beat for the Porsche models of the Cup and GT4 class. Good knowledge of the Nordschleife would be an advantage. Of course ambition and good spirit.

We are also happy to accept requests for guest starts in series and 24h races.

What do we offer you? A great "working atmosphere", mutual coaching, experience in setup construction, telemetry evaluation via Motec and G61, handling of all formalities for series entries, a fancy virtual "company car" in the current design of our real cars, structured communication via Discord. Presentation in social media.

Good networking in the simracing scene and connection to our real motorsport team.

Enquiries to esport@ws-motorsport.de or via our Discord: https://discord.gg/rJZ3fNfMqG